The Date

Olivier Nouhi
Always looking for high risked challenges, Olivier happily gave up his volley-ball career on the rails of a majestic success to fully focus on what he truly believes in - love. A noble quest some people say. They should add "as beautiful as his bride" !
How cool is life since he met Clemence, so cool that even get you read this few fun words with loveAdept challenges high-risk. An ambition to match his girl some will say.

Clémence Troussier.
"Find true love ? So 2013 !"
Clemence couldnt better match her words with actions back at her school prom while she's been served at the counter by this dark handsome guy and his cheeky smile. How student life is full of suprises! Half a mojito later and the waiter talk eventually leads to what we are ready to enjoy now.

Dont miss


One hell of a line-up we are all hopping up and down impatiently. Joy and happiness, what a better cocktail to start our affair. Bring your handsome smiles and your sunglasses, we take care of the rest. And above all, get ready for some adventure !

Religious ceremony

Love affair starts at 3pm with our religious celebration. Meeting point at Saint-Jacques Church.

Église Saint-Jacques
1 Rue de L Hôtel de ville
66140 Canet-en-Roussillon


Sunny weather and hot temperature. Two good reasons to start the party with refreshing drinks brightened up by some cherries on top

Domaine de Belric
Route de Villeneuve
66200 Montescot

Diner & After party

Lets move on with diner and party at the Domaine de BelricTime to show your best moves on the colorfull dancefloor.
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"Afternoon BBQ"

Join us atDomaine de Belric from 12:30 to continue to enjoy together.
Grilled meat and bodies, the perfect match to recover and stay sharp or get a tan. Dont forget your swinsuit if you are adventurous enough ;)

Discovery Rally

Recreational tour in Canet City organized by our team. Rewards and honors expected of course!
To your compass...

Église Saint-Jacques
1 Rue de L Hôtel de ville
66140 Canet-en-Roussillon

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